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Shopping in France

Few people offer shopping the exact same energy, interest and thought as the French. Whether it’s a journey to the market for lunch active ingredients or to a sophisticated store for a new evening gown, they offer it their all. For you to really delight in the French shopping scene have to do the exact same.

France is the home of a wide range of grand department stores, chain stores, small shops and flea markets. But a new concept in French shopping is the parapharmacie. It’s a mix of chemist shop, health-care store, and beauty item supplier. Factory outlets are also ending up being popular selling discounted items in boutique-like shops.

Shopping in Paris

It’s simple to spend all your time in Paris browsing at the boutiques and chain stores but for a genuine Paris shopping experience, you actually have to go to the flea markets which Paris has 3. The previous sanctuary of gypsies and hustlers, Paris’s flea markets of Paris are seen by everyone in search of a bargain and a lucky find.

The flea market at Porte de Montreuil is one of the more affordable ones. It specialises in old garments, furniture and other home things. Porte de Vanves flea market sells a little everything. The flea market at Saint-Ouen/ Porte de Clignancourt is the most celebrated and is commonly simply described as the Paris Flea Market. This is the best place to purchase antiques. It’s location in a low-rent area so costs are low. Plus it’s a cash just business. This makes it a great location to get a deal however you truly have to understand exactly what you’re doing.

Flea markets are best checked out in the morning when they’re quieter and have more products readily available.

Shopping In Nice

Nice is a haven for the jet set and the well-heeled traveler, and the shops, stores and markets prepare to cater for them.

The heart of stylish shopping in Nice is rue Paradis is a pedestrianised roadway running north-south connecting Place Magenta with Opportunity de Verdun. All the luxury designer and jewellery stores are found here making it a window shoppers’ paradise.

For a more unwinded outdoor shopping environment head for the Cours Soleya market in the old town of Nice. This vibrant pedestrian district is a favourite meeting point for locals. The streets are lined with stalls and terraced cafes and dining establishments. Tuesday to Sunday sees the flower market and fruit and vegetable market, and there’s an antiques reasonable on Mondays. On summer evenings there’s a nighttime arts and crafts market catering mostly for travelers.

Other markets worth checking out in Nice consist of the Marché aux Fleurs flower market and Marché à la Brocante, the major flea market. Another flea market at location Robilante on the port opens from Tuesday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.

Shopping In Bordeaux

Few people outside Europe realise what a buyer’s paradise Bordeaux genuinely is. There are a few of the world’s most popular trademark name on parade here: Cartier, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Christian Lacroix, Rolex and Tartine et Chocolat.

The peak of shopping in Bordeaux is the Golden Triangle of the Allées de Tourny, the Cours de l’Intendance and the Cours Clemenceau. This triangle includes the Location des Grands-Hommes, home to the city’s most prestigious shops vending everything from foodstuffs the current fashions.

You don’t need to shell out your last dollar on upscale designer stores, nevertheless. There are lots of cheaper French chain stores here for you to choose from together with numerous locally-owned shops where you can get something unique at a sensible cost.

And obviously remember the wine. The whole Bordeaux region offer their local vintages for sale by the case and at extremely beneficial rates.

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