Boutique Hotels

Ashley Park House

Just outside Nenagh in the heart of Tipperary lies the beautiful Ashley Park House. This Georgian house dates back to the late 18th century, built on the foundations of a much older house. The house was beautifully renovated in 1993 and then again in 2003, to now present a beautiful boutique hotel for everyone to share. This is not one to be missed!

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Rosleague Manor House Hotel

This beautiful Georgian house which overlooks Ballinakill Bay is like something from a fairytale. The house is a first class hotel with a huge conservatory and drawing rooms with big massive fires, just like you would see in your grandmothers house. If you are looking for boutique as far as it comes in Ireland this is the definition of boutique. Not one room is even the same. Every room has its own style and uniqueness. It’s situated in a magical wooded area located only 10 minutes away from Connemara National Park.

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Manor House Hotels of Ireland

Manor House Hotels Ireland – a collection of 29 luxury boutique hotels and castles located throughout Ireland. This exclusively Irish hotel collection, offers unique luxury experiences at each. (Read More)

Castle Leslie Estate

Situated on 1,000 acres of undulating Irish countryside, dotted with ancient woodlands and flashing lakes, Castle Leslie Estate is one of the last excellent Irish estates still in the.. (Read More)

Why Choose Boutique?

If you’re considering reserving accommodation for your next holiday, or perhaps just a short city break, why should you go for a boutique hotel?

When you go on holiday, where you stay is as crucial as where you go. It forms an essential part of your holiday experience, so it’s unusual that many people do not really pay much focus on the kind of hotel they are going to be remaining in for the duration of their trip. Package holidays make use of hotels that are virtually identical from one turn to the next. Bedrooms look the very same, restrooms have conventional fittings and to the personnel, you are simply another tourist.

Take a Risk

Chain hotels may be a safe choice, but for the very same rate or only a little more, you could be remaining in a hotel that appreciates the way it looks and makes a real effort to ensure that your holiday is as good as it can be. What identifies a store hotel from all the others?

Thought– huge hotel chains follow a basic motif; everything is the same. You could be in any city in the world, and your room, its fittings and its public locations are equivalent from any other hotel. Store hotels have believed and imagination behind them, resulting in no 2 being the same– even if they are possessed by one business.

Attitude– store attitude constantly puts the guest first. These hotels comprehend that the last thing you need is to argue over the wrong bottle of wine, bad food or inadequately prepared rooms. That’s why their energy goes into making sure that everything’s exactly how you desire it, all the time.

Rooms– a store hotel still has to deal with the standard premise of all hotels– guests have their own space and share public areas. For stores, this suggests that the spaces have to be unique and individual; places where individuals are happy to hang around. That’s why lots of boutique hotels focus on the size of the rooms, instead of the number. It enables them to integrate actually good restrooms, large beds and large areas for relaxing. This concentrate on turning your hotel room into someplace you want to spend time as opposed to a room you ‘d rather avoid of, is why everybody ought to attempt a store hotel a minimum of once.

Make a Difference

Staying in a store hotel truly will make a distinction to your holiday or business trip. As opposed to investing your time keeping in mind the unfavorable side of your lodging, you’ll find yourself impatient to talk your family and friends to go store themselves.