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5 Great Reasons to Choose a Boutique Hotel

When the 90’s turned into the 00’s it was like we saw a change in culture in many places around the world. Maybe it was because around this time the hipster lifestyle started to become more and more popular breaking out of its regular strongholds of Paris, London, Berlin and New York and becoming a

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What Makes A Hotel “Boutique”?

The term “boutique hotel” has been commonly used in recent years, however what does it indicate and why should you stay in one? There are great deals of business that declare to specialise in boutique hotels. For lots of, a boutique hotel is merely one that’s not part of a national or worldwide chain and

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Castle Leslie Estate

Situateded on 1,000 acres of undulating Irish countryside, dotted with ancient woodlands and flashing lakes, Castle Leslie Estate is one of the last excellent Irish estates still in the hands of its starting family. The Leslie Household arrived in Ireland in the 16th Century and purchased the Estate at that time. Today, this castle hotel

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Belle Boutique

Belle Shop is the production of two young and vibrant sisters-in-law, Sinead Whelan and Helen Malone. Both ladies, hailing from North Dublin acknowledged a gap in the fashion and retail market for a new and innovative approach to the traditional “Boutique” and wanted to develop a vibrant style emporium for women’s clothing that would be

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Serendipity Boutique – Kilkenny

In 2005 the doors to a stylish elegant store were opened. 6 years later Serendipity Store is firmly developed a have to stop shop for all fashionistas. Serendipity Boutique has made routine apperances on Ireland AM with Celia Holman Lee, TV3’s Expose with Karen Koster and customer evenings hosted by Cathy O Connor. The group

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Devine – Manor Mills Shopping Centre, Maynooth

Our philosophy of making ‘dressed-up’ appearance uncomplicated and turning casual into ‘cool stylish’ has actually been our inspiration considering that we opened our doors in 2005.

Equipping a varied mix of brand-new and individual daywear, wedding wear, formal wear, evening wear, shoes, devices and maternity, consumers from regional

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